A Brief History

The company was formed in 1938 with members of the Church of St. Gabriel on Greystones Road, Sheffield. Our present company owes much to the tenacity of those drama pioneers.

1952 The Happiest Days of your Life - enhanced

Through the years, the company grew in numbers and expertise and, in 1961, moved to the then newly-built Ecclesall Parish Hall on Ringinglow Road, Sheffield.

1960 She Passed Through Lorraine - JaneBarnettTonyHirstJimPrice enhanced

The first play as Ecclesall Theatre Company (E.T.C) was performed in February 1995.

1969 Hobsopns Choice - VeronicaDrakeStevePackardMaureenElseJeanCherry enhanced

We currently have over 60 members, who participate in all the various elements that make any play successful.

In 1998, we negotiated with the Ecclesall Church Authorities to erect a storage building behind the church hall, to use as a workshop, to house scenery, furniture and costumes.

The building was erected and the fitting out of the interior was finished with the help of a grant from ‘Awards for All’.

We are now fully self-supporting on site and sets can be built in situ.

The raising of the funds for this building engendered a wonderful spirit in the company, with good support from the audiences, friends, past members and the local community.